Plans Comparison
Free Tier Premium The Unfair Advantage
Membership Registered User Premium Revenue Intelligence
Storage (sharing videos, images, and files) 100 MB Unlimited Unlimited
Premium mobile (iOS and Android) and web apps
CRM Integrations (via Zapier & Automate)
Connect to 1500+ apps (via Zapier & Automate)
Unlimited Lists
Connections Search & Find
Playbook (documents, forms, ...)
Channels (Public, Private, Invitation-Only)
Opportunities (sharing, matching, collaborating) Can see, not create
Invisible Profile
AI-generated feed (Intel on competitors, accounts, market trends, regulations, ...)
Real-time database of active buyers
API Access (for custom integration & data science team)
Full Onboarding (50+ licences required)
# of licenses included 1 1 50
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$ 12.48 USD

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$ 2,500.00 USD

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